Blawo.com is more beneficial to artists. We do not make any deal from the sale of your artwork. Our platform is just here for you to showcase your African artwork, get exposure and promote yourself as a talented artist.

As an artist, you own and maintain the copyright of your artwork. We don’t create artwork and we do
not own any artwork. We only allow you to showcase your artwork by uploading their images on our website. Every image uploaded is credited to the artist.

No, it’s not compulsory. If your goal is to showcase your artwork and get people to appreciate your work, you can only upload them. If your goal is to sell your original pieces, you can put a price to them for interested consumers to purchase them.

Yes, you can set up an account to give you exclusive privileges that you can’t get if you are not a member such as contacting an artist directly.

You can easily create an account on our website. All you need is your names, email and password. On the other hand, our website has been integrated with social media pages, you can easily sign up with your social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, and then you are good to go.

This can happen to anyone. If you look at the top right of the page, you can click ‘forgotten password” and you will get further instructions in your email.

At Blawo, we take our members’ privacy very serious and we will never share your personal information including your email addresses with third parties. Find out more information about this on our privacy policy page.

No, our platform is just to showcase African artworks and celebrate talented artist, connect art lovers with the artist and promote African art across the world. If you want to make any purchase, you can contact the artists directly and buy from him.