Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to support new artists, champion experienced artists and provide our members with the best deals for the artwork they love. Blawo.com makes art easier to find. We make it easier for artists to sell with passion and for art lovers to buy artworks for their delectation. At Blawo.com, we collaborate with artists and art institutions to create opportunities and build capacity for Afro Black Art. This is the platform where significant art conversations happen! We drive artistic enthusiasm in Afro Black Art community and create a platform for creativity and collaboration.

We are a diverse and inclusive community and we welcome everyone regardless of sex, skin colour or religion. We speak the universal language of Art and we unite people: We are ONE BLAWO.

Our Model

Our business model takes a unique approach to support Afro Black Art artists and institutions across the globe. Our platform empowers you to take complete control of the buying and selling processes. The transaction happens directly between the seller and the buyer. We do not collect any fees or commissions on the sale. Our platform changes the way people curate or find artworks. It is also our mission to celebrate experienced artists while they provide you with the best deals on their artworks.

Through this platform, we provide an insight into the role of Afro Black Art in the development of community life and cultural heritage. In addition, we provide access to the most diverse and captivating collections of Afro Black Art, supporting a network of artists and art lovers across the world. That’s our essence.

Whether you are an artist or art lover, you will find your interaction at Blawo.com a worthwhile experience. As you engage here, remember to invite friends and family to visit our online gallery so they can also partake of the delightful wonders with Afro Black Artworks. You can join our Forum to network with artists and art lovers, suggest an Institution or an artist to be listed on our Directory, find an artist for your art collection, or search an art events near you.

Experience magnificent Afro Black Art collections from the comfort of your home. Get ready for some real surprises here on Blawo.com. You’ll be amazed and in awe!